Friday, 20 April 2012

Mum's 80th then back to the farm

Noni and Fox needed us to look after the farm while they went to the Philippines for a wedding so we headed back to Winchelsea for a month. Noni and I flew back to Nowra for a couple of days for Mum’s 80th birthday. The kids all got together for the weekend and we had fun entertaining Mum at her place at Shoalhaven Heads. Kerry made a lovely cake and we had a “sausage sizzle” at the BBQ area. The little kids and some big kids had great fun in the pool. We all had a couple of great days together. Noni and I flew back to Winch’ the Fox and Noni flew out to their wedding. The cows were calving again so it was good to get up in the morning and go out to count the calves to see if there were any new ones born overnight. Mark did get to see one born this time. They are lovely when you see them try to get up and stand on their own four legs after such a short time from being born.

Ethan batting for his team

Mum and the great grand kids on her birthday

Getting ready to blow out the candles

Happy 80th Mum

Ethan in his safety gear

Beemer at home at Noni and Fox's farm

After spending a couple of days with Noni and Fox when they came home Mark and I drove to Killarney and stayed there for a couple of weeks. It was good to get back to the salt water. We were able to get in a swim and Beemer had some great walks up the beach. It was a bit busy as it was the beginning of the school holidays in Victoria. We decided it would be quieter at Mt Gambia, so we booked in for three weeks to wait out the school holidays. Unfortunately when we got there is was Easter and they have a dog show on and because we stay at a dog friendly caravan park, every man and his dog was there too. So much for it being quiet. The weekend after the dog show they have BMX trials, so now there is every man and his kids with bikes and dogs everywhere. At least they go off for the day to do their thing on the bikes so the days are quiet until they get back, then they take over the place again.

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