Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Keith and beyond

Keith was our next Port of Call. It is a small town on the way north towards the Murray River. We met up with Pat and Alan. Enjoyed their company very much. It was great to catch up after such a long time. We spent the evening with them playing cards and laughing. They moved on to Adelaide, on their way north to The Alice and we moved on to Berri, on the Murray.
Mark, Jane, Pat and Alan. Beemer in the front.

Jeep on a stick.

Berri is a nice place on the banks of the Murray River. There are lots of market gardens with almonds, orange groves and paddocks full of butternut pumpkins. We thought they were rocks to start with. Mark bought some off the side of the road. The farmers market was on in Barmera, so we went for a sticky. It was a good day out.

An old waterpump.

House boats on the Murray at Berri
The Murray River

Berri War Memorial

Mark's pumpkins for $5

The view of Berri from the look out

The view of Berri from the look out
Berri water tower look out

We didn't know it was dress up. Beemer felt naked

An unusual was memorial
The road was closed for the market in the main street

An old building

Morgan was our next stop, also on the Murray. There were lots of houseboats moored in a marina and a ferry which ran 24 hours a day. The caravan park was right on the river beside the ferry. A very nice spot to stay for a while. There was an aviary with unusual parrots in it. The old railway station and wharf are very interesting.

One of the many houseboats on the Murray at Morgan
Part of the old railway station
A paddle steamer they are re-building at the old wharf
Mark and beemer on the old wharf
The Morgan ferry at night
The pretty parrots

We travelled on to Burra Creek Gorge for a free camp for a couple of days. We were able to have a fire but it was very cold without the heater (no electricity) it is a very pretty place and the view from our front door was lovely. It was great to sit by the fire and watch the wallabies come down from the hills at sun set. There was a water hole and we were told there is always water there.

The view from our front door

Red River gums
Sunset from our front door

Red river gums

Jane and the red river gums

our camp fire

The water hole
Beemer and Mark at the water hole
Burra has been our favourite spot to visit, so we are back there to see the old stone buildings and check out Thorogoods Cider Winery. There is a really nice feel to Burra. The trees are starting to change colour with the weather starting to get cold at night.

Sunset at the caravan park in Burra. It's full!
Morning at the caravan park. It's empty!
Autumn trees in Burra

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