Thursday, 16 February 2012

Back on the road again

Rod and Rhonda's motor home with Tim's hidden behind it

Sue and Bruce's van with Blowering Dam behind

Blowering Dam

We lingered at Laurel Hill for a while to get the car serviced and a draw system put in the back, then down to Blowering Dam for a get together for Owen’s 60th birthday. We had great weather at the dam and were able to swim every day.  The day after we left it poured rain. We said goodbye to Bruce and Sue, Owen and Cath and headed for Shepparton again. We found lots of cows hanging around the parks.

Some of the cows in the parks around Shepparton

We moved on to Tocumwal, a long 90klm drive to the Murray River. The caravan park is great and the town very friendly. We have a pool near our van and the river is a good 500 meters stroll with a path along the levy bank under the big gum trees along the river bank. 

The Murray River

Sunset on the Murray

Another sunset on the Murray

Mark and Beemer with a big Murray Cod

Jane and Beemer with a big Murray Cod

The 50th Multi Class Gliding Championships were on and at one time we counted over 20 gliders in one thermal circling over the town. Mark was so impressed he went up in a glider. There is a lot of history around Tocumwal regarding the airfield during the 2nd World War. It is a nice little town. 

Mark in the glider ready for take off

Aerial view of the airport

Mark's view from the cockpit of the glider

Kodiac in an old wooden hanger

A little bit of history

Some of the gliders over the town

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