Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Milang and Mount Gambia

We had a couple of days with Trevor and Charmane before heading off for Milang.  From there we were booked into Victor Harbour for a week to catch up with Owen, Lisa and Luke. Unfortunately that plan had to be cancelled as when we got to Milang we found we had done in a bearing on one wheel. We were stuck in Milang for a couple of weeks waiting for the part to arrive from Victoria. It was a good place to be stuck in as we were on Lake Alexandrina so we were lucky. As we were only 50 klm’s from Victor Harbour we were still able to see Owen, Lisa and Luke. The weather was great and it was lovely to see them after so long. Luke was only 2 weeks old when we left. Now he’s a big 7 months old.

Luke. He's not too sure about the oldies

Three generations

An old vine at Langhorne Creek
We finally got the van back on the road again and headed back to Mount Gambia. The Blue Lake is now very blue. It doesn’t look real it is so blue. Apparently it’s the limestone and calcite when the water warms up in the summer that makes it look bluer. We have booked in for just over a week. Jen, Kim, Kel and Michelle are still here so it’s great to catch up. Kel and Michelle are off back home to Queensland for Christmas so we had a bit of a farewell for them on Sunday night. It was good to sit by the fire and yarn for a few hours.

Beemer in his "Kennel"

The BLUE Lake

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