Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Killarney to Laurel Hill

After farewells to Kel and Michelle, Jen and Kim ( we had a few late nights with them playing cards in the camp Kitchen and around the fire) we went on to Killarny and had a couple of lazy days on the beach. Mark found a few young French boys to chat to until the late hours and after convincing them that our cheese in not so bad after all and we didn't have any daughters they could mary so that they could become Australians we moved on to Winchelsea and back to the farm for a few days with Noni and Fox. The farm is looking great and the baby's we had left behind in June had grown quite a bit.

A little bird getting nectre near our van

From there we traveled on to Laurel Hill where we have settled into "The headache house". We have had time to go through all the things we don't need in the van and are able to take them back to Nowra and into our storage unit. Laurel Hill is beautiful, with wild horses and kangaroos under the trees. We are missing being in the van but the house is very comfortable.

The wild horses under the trees

Beemer amongst the daises

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