Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Edithburgh, Port Clinton and Burra

We had a week at Edithburgh, which is on the bottom of the York Peninsular on the eastern side.  The country side was lovely and green, with grain and canola growing in the paddocks. As we got closer to Edithburgh we saw them. Lots of wind generators. That’s when we found out the other name for Edithburgh is Windyburgh. As it turned out the weather wasn’t too bad. We tried fishing a couple of times off the pier but got nothing. The old buildings are grey stone and beautiful. 

A row of wind generators

More wind generators. There were 55 all together.

An old well by the side of the road to Edithburgh

Inside the well

Old stone buildings on a farm
We had a couple of days at Port Clinton. The caravan park is right on the beach and because the tide went right out there was plenty of room for Beemer to run about. Razor fish is popular there but we didn’t try to get any as you had to go out to the mud and we didn’t want to get our shoes dirty.

The view of Port Clinton from the van.
From port Clinton we travelled to Burra. We only booked for two nights but ended saying for a week. It is a lovely little town with lots of old buildings, goal, open cut mine and rows of miners cottages. The local show was also on so we thought we would stay for that.

The old copper mine at Burra

A retired sheep dog on the move

The sheep dog and his master, a retired Sheep Shearer were riding to raise money towards MS

The apple orchard at the Cider Cellar

The Cider Cellar. They made a great Scrumpy.

The old stone church at night

The Burra Library
Burra Town Hall

A row of stone Miners Cottages

The School, also made of stone

The front of the school

The school from the caravan park

A handsome Dog

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