Saturday, 24 September 2011

Streaky Bay and Walleroo

From Elliston we travelled to Streaky Bay.  It didn’t take us very long to get there as it was a bit over 100klms. We were going to spend a week at Venus Bay but the wind got up and almost blew everyone away. We heard that some caravans had their awnings damaged so we are pleased we didn’t go there. Streaky Bay is fairly sheltered and there is quite a bit to see. We drove around to Cape Bauer, the Whistling Rocks and Blow Holes and a lookout which was spectacular. The Whistling Rocks were working very well and the whistle was amazing.

Stumpy tail at Streaky Bay
Cape Bauer
Cape Bauer
Whistling Rocks and Blow Holes
Whistling Rocks and Blow Holes
The caravan park at Streaky Bay
Streaky Bay
We travelled for 620klms and get to Wallaroo on the York Peninsular where we booked in for 3 nights. Mark got the crab nets out and set off to the pier for a bit of crabbing and squid fishing.  We caught 4 crabs and no squid. By the end of the three days we were having so much fun and the people we met at the caravan park were so friendly we booked for another 4 nights. Mark started to get the hang on catching crabs that we ended staying for 12 days and 120 or so crabs later we will be glad to have a sausage on the Barbie for a change. We have over half a dozen bottles of pickled crab in the fridge. Wallaroo is only a small seaside town but we both liked it very much. There are silos near the wharf with large ocean going ships loading grain. It took almost 6 days for one to load up and there were two more off shore waiting to get in. A seal was sitting on the steps of the sea swimming pool and every now and then dolphins cruised past. We meet an older couple, Bob and Hilary who went to Wallaroo for over 17 years fishing. Also met Julie and Glenn from Wodonga and Russell and Carol from Port Lincoln. They were all great value.

Just a few of the crabs we caught
Crabs for tea! Yum
Old pool and copper smelter (The caravan Park is at the bottom of the smelter)

Sunset at the pier

"That's a crab"

The Happy Crabber

Walleroo at night from the pier

A ship and fishermen on the pier
The Silos
Sunset and grain loader
A ship being loaded with grain

Mark and Beemer catching crabs from the wharf

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