Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Still at the farm

The weather at the farm at Winchelsea has turned quite cold now. We woke the other day to a thick fog. I had trouble seeing the dam out our bedroom window. We were pleased we didn’t have to go anywhere. It took until lunch time to lift. We have a rain most days. Just a drizzle. I hope the tank is filling up a bit.

The front dam in the fog

An old gum tree in the dry creek bed

We are still having fun looking after the cows and calves and chooks on the farm. Beemer is getting fit chasing the rabbits. I am not sure what he would do if he caught one.

The bunny that got away
A toadstool under the acorn tree

The bull has been here about two weeks now. Daniel said it is gay as it has this squeaky moo when you get close to it. The cows have more of a bellow when they are calling you to feed them. They sound more like the bull than the bull.
The woosy bull

PA (Paul) and Robyn came down for a couple of days last week end.
Getting ready to fly

Up, Up and Wayyyyy
They did the helicopter ride over Geelong and we had a very long lunch in the restaurant on the pier. We also tried the Barwon Pub for tea. We were entertained by an elderly lady playing 50s music on an electric piano. It was interesting!
PA and Robyn on Cunningham Pier

A sailing ship that came into the Pier

Beemer after a hard day at the farm

a couple of wrens cleaning up

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