Thursday, 30 June 2011

On the road at last!

Sorting out our new caravan ready to take home
 We finally picked up our new caravan Monday 20th June 2011.  The weather was awful with high winds all the way from Geelong to Winchelsea. It took us 2 days to load it up ready to ‘hit the road’. We have much too much stuff and plan to unload at least half of it as we go on. I am sure we will work things out as we go.
Our caravan at Noni and Fox's packing
Our first camp was at Killarney Beach Caravan Park which is half way between Port Fairy and Warnambool. It was at a sports oval about 150 metres from the beach.  We had rain and wind on and off until Saturday. Saturday night it blew a gale at about 2am.  I was pleased that the van didn’t rock too much.  Sunday Mark went fishing off the rocks and Beemer and I walked along Killarney Beach.  
Mark is in the red top at Killarney Beach getting ready to fish

Killarney Beach looking towards Warnambool.  There was a lot of kelp on the beach.

Beemer on Killarney Beach looking towards Port Fairy
Killarney Beach looking towards Port Fairy.  We were about 7 klms away.
An old fisherman coming in from the sea. He caught a couple of gar fish. Yum!

Jane with her feet up!

The boys after a hard day at the beach, walking, fishing, driving.
Monday we are heading for Mount Gambier for a week or so then on to Adelaide to catch up with Andrew and Asha.  Then to Tanunda to see Trevor and Charmaine. We then plan to head towards Port Lincoln.

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