Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The beginning

We had a great but busy time in Mullumbimby last month. Mark turned 60 and so did Steve, the friend we  were visiting. We cleared a lot of his garden while we were there. It wasn’t easy as the weeds were almost growing as quickly as we were cutting them down. Beemer had a great time with the couple of acres to run around in. We took two days to get to Winchelsea and Beemer was terrific in the car. He travels better than we thought he would.

Steve's garden after we cleared a lot of the weeds. The piles of trees are ready to be burnt. As it was very wet it was hard to get it to light.
The tawny frogmouth Mark found when we came home one night. He turned up in the same place for a couple of nights.
Mark having his shower. He had at least three swims a day. It was hot and hard work at times chopping down the trees and getting rid of the weeds in the garden with the chainsaw and whippersnipper.

The view from our bedroom door. It's a hard life!
Some of the garden after we cleared it.

Beemer resting after a big day working in Steve's garden. He is having a great time.

 We arrived at Noni and Brendon's farm on my birthday, 3rd May. They had already left when we got here but everthing was left with some instructions for us to manage quite well. We are having a great time here on the farm.  There were 6 calves when we first arrived and now we have 13 so it has been busy. The cows have to be fed daily.Daniel comes here every day and Mark helps him in the ute. They have worked out how to open the gate so we have had a bit of a learning curve getting them back into the paddock. They only got as far as the hay bales thank goodness. There are 60 odd head all together to look after. A bull was delivered last week to some of the older cows. There is also 8 chooks and a rooster, which I don’t like as he chased me a couple times. I threw my shoe at him the other day and he is leaving me alone at the moment but I am wary of him. We are getting from 3 to 5 eggs a day. We are having trouble eating them all.

Some of the new calves that have been born since we arrived with their mothers and the hay Daniel and Mark put out for them. The calves like to roll around and lay in the fresh hay.

Annie and Digger came to stay with us for a couple of days. Mark and Annie had a hellicopter ride over Geelong which they said was great. Digger and I wimped out.

Mark and Annie getting ready to take off.

The view of Geelong and Cunningham Pier.

Bells Beach. We had to see it with Digger and Annie.
Annie, Jane and Digger on the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento.

We have found a caravan, a new Windsor Genesis, which we should pick up in a week or so. We are waiting for an annex to be made. It is getting to be a bit exciting now. We have all our bits here ready to go in it. We should have fun fitting it out a getting ready to ‘hit the road’ when my sister gets back in June.

Our Caravan. Can't wait to try it out. It's 19 foot long and should be very comfortable.

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