Saturday, 3 May 2014

Peaceful Bay

After at least 6 weeks staying at Peaceful Bay we have managed to have a bit of a look around. Not far from here is The Valley of the Giants. There is a tree top walk, about 600 metres long and up to 40 metres above the ground, amongst the top of the tingle trees, which are really tall. There is also a board walk around the “Ancient Empire” where you can walk around the trees and right through one which is completely hollow at the bottom. There is a picture of one with an old car in it, it is so big. The tingle trees grow up to 70 metres tall and a circumference of 20 metres.

Beemer and I enjoyed our walks around the town on a very good footpath. It was about two and a half kilometres long. we often felt like we were being watched by the kangaroos that were in the bush and around the town. The kangaroos would hop down the streets in the evenings. It was strange to here them.
Beemer on our walk around the village

We were being watched on our walk

The view looking towards the inlet where Mark went fishing

Mark fishing on the beach

His first fish. He didn't keep it
A great plate of herring Mark caught and smoked
 As you drive from Peaceful Bay to Walpole there are signs where hikers cross the road on the Bibbulmun Track. The track is 1000 kilometres long and starts in Perth. It follows the coast all the way to Albany. You often see back packers walking through on the track which goes through Peaceful Bay from Conspicuous Cliffs towards Denmark. There are canoes left at the inlet for the hikers to get across on the track. It is said the track was travelled by the local aboriginals many years ago.
Part of the Bibbulmun Walk

A beautiful flowering gum

Peaceful Bay

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