Thursday, 12 September 2013

Whales and things in Fowlers

After leaving Noni and Fox at Winchelsea we headed for Adelaide where we spent a couple of weeks for Mark to do a"decky's course" so he is able to work on the Whale Watching Cruises with Rod. We have now been back at Fowlers Bay since the end of June. Mark had been busy on the whale watching boat as Rod's decky and video camera operater. I have been kept occupied looking after Beemer and helping with mooring the boat on and off the jetty. I have also learnt to help make hot dog rolls and toasted sandwiches in the kiosk so I can help out when it's busy. I haven't even had time to go fishing. There have been some great trips where the calves and mothers have been very close to the boat and the juveniles have been very active. There was even been a mating.
Mark at work
Rod, Allan and Mark hard at it!!!

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