Friday, 24 May 2013

Hay then back to the farm at Winch.

We enjoyed our time in Hay. There are nice walks along the river and the weather was good to us.
Mark and Beemer by the Murrumbidgee

The old river gums at Bushy Bend

Wild asparagus

We moved on to Tocumwal again for a couple of weeks and were able to meet up again with Bisho and Catherine. We had a lovely lunch at the old pub which was very relaxing. On to Shepparton then to get a bit of work done on the van. We stayed at Maldon on the way to Winchelsea. It is a beautiful mining town with the lovely old buildings untouched. we loved walking around the streets looking at the interesting buildings and mine remains.

Maldon School

The pathway to the main street from the old school

Arnold's Cottage

An old chimney from one of the many mines

Then back to the farm. We had a week with Noni and Fox before they left for their holiday in Europe.

Ducks on the dam

Mark's work vehicle

A very young calf

Cows and calves. 13 were born while we were here

Autumn leaves under the apple tree

The wood shed

Beemer chilling out in front of the fire

Gum flower

We have had a bit of fun with the cows calving, the bull arriving and the cooks and ducks.

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