Saturday, 1 December 2012

Farewell Fowlers Bay

We have finally left Fowlers Bay! We have had a great time there fishing, working and meeting interesting people. Pat and Al called in for a couple of days a few weeks before we left. It was great to catch up. Al did a bit of fishing but unfortunately the tides weren’t right for him. We had a couple of dodge tides and the fish don’t bite. They had just graded the road so they had a good drive out although it was a bit windy. You seem to get a few great days then it gets windy for a day or so then it’s good days again. 

Rod building the new bird cage

Mark doing the finishing touches

Rod admiring his handy work

Finished at last. The birds will be happy
The birds are happy in their new home

Kids playing on the sand dunes

Fowlers Bay from "wow hill"

Goodbye Fowlers bay

Rod and Simone invited us to stay with them at Perlubie Hill, near Streaky Bay. We had an early Christmas with them and a few of their friends which was good as we were able to say goodbye to them before we left. Beemer and Jet got on famously. Beemer had trouble walking for a day or so. He had not had so much exercise for a while. We went razor fish collecting on the beach. 

Mya taking Rod for ride

The view from the house at Perlubie Hill

A beautifull sun set

Another sunset. Same place, different day

The house on Perlubie Hill from the beach
Perlubie Hill

Beemer, a happy dog

Jet, a mad, happy dog

Jack. A cat with attitude

Rod took us to Baird Bay to his Mum and Allan’s where they have a swim with the sea lions and dolphins business. We had a lovely day with them. I chose not to get wet (I thought it would be cold) but as it turned out the water was beautiful. Mark swam with about 5 sea lions and half a dozen dolphins. Rod and Mick, their deck hand, dove for abalone, which Allan cooked up for our tea. We also did a bit of fishing on the way home in the boat and had fresh fish for tea. We were sad to leave Rod and Simone and Mya, but we only said farewell, not goodbye as we know we will be seeing them again.

The boat at Baird Bay

Mark swimming with the sea lions

Sea lions resting after hteir swim with the humans

I'll just rest my head on this bum. He won't mind.

Swimming with the dolphins

Rod's Mum Trish with the dolphins

Trish just wouldn't get out of the water.

We travelled to Port Germein and stayed for a few days. We both needed a rest after trying to keep up with Rod. We had only intended to stay for two days, but the weather turned bad. It was great to hear the rain on the roof. There has been hardly any rain since July.

Sunset at Port Germein

Port Germein Police Station

Port Germein Police Station with Christmas light
We have moved on since to Berri. We stopped at Cadell to see Danny and Ali for a cuppa. Danny took us for a quick drive around to show us the sights. It was great to see them and plan our next trip to Fowlers Bay. It sounds like there might be a big reunion there next year.

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