Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fowlers Bay

Still at Fowlers Bay! Mark has been busy with Rod and the whale watch boat. The whales will be here until the end of September and then they go south again. There have been at least 5 Southern Rights with calves and five or six juveniles in the bay. One went under the boat and its tail touched the other day. That is really up close and personal. The fishing has been good at Scott’s Beach and Danny, who has a boat, always comes back with a fish box full. He gives most of it away to the campers in the park unless it’s Friday, then it goes towards the cook up we have every Saturday night. We have been lucky lately with a couple of people coming through with guitars. We have a bit of a sing along around the fire at night. Fowlers Bay is ‘a bit like a box of chocolates’. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. I haven’t been out on the jetty for a while. I have been kept busy with a new herb garden and other little bits and pieces. Mark gets withdrawals if he hasn’t had the chainsaw in his hand nearly every day. The new generator is going well. No blackouts in the park for a while now. The weather has been great and the sunsets are spectacular. Our photos don’t do them justice.
Another sunset
The container for the new generator

The delivery of the new generator

Some of the many seals

Sleepy lizard

Pom's big squid and others (he caught about 10 that day)

A Southern Right Whale

My big flat head (about two and a half kilos)

Rod and Rhonda were here a couple of days ago. We took them to Mexican Hat in the work ute. Rod and Ted had to sit in the back bouncing around. One of the campers took the ‘boys’ fishing on Scott’s Beach but they didn’t catch anything. 

Rod and Rhonda with us at Mexican Hat

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