Thursday, 3 July 2014


York was booked out so we stayed in Northam for a week and it was a great spot. We were able to visit towns in the outlying area including York.

Looking out over York

A couple of handsome boys

On one of our drives we came across a lovely old church in a district called Katrine. It was interesting walking around the old graves reading about the family that lived there.

The church and plaques at Katrine
Overlooking Northam

We then moved on to Kalgoorlie. The visit to the Super Pit was amazing. What a deep hole in the ground that is. The photo's don't do it justice. It was strange to see a mine so close to a fairly large town. There are many lovely old buildings, some well looked after and some a bit sad but still majestic.

Inside a very large bucket

THE Super Pit

Kalgoorlie from one of the lookouts

Kalgoorlie and a mine from one of the lookouts

An unusual water fountain

One of the many buildings

Heading back the Nullabour was interesting. It rained most of the way. Everywhere was lovely and green. At one time we had to stop on the side of the road for a very wide load. It's suprising what you see traveling toward you on the Nullabour.

The rain on the Nullabour

Very Over Size. They take up the whole road.

We are now back at Fowlers Bay for the next few months for Mark to help out on the whale watching boat. There are a couple of whales in the Bay and the work has started on the floating pontoon off the jetty.

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