Friday, 20 July 2012

Peterborough and beyond

Checked out of the Tanunda caravan park (Trevor and Charmane’s) and travelled up to Peterborough. We spent a couple of days there wandering the streets. If you love trains it is old engine paradise. Mark found a motorbike museum and had a good look around. The India Pacific goes through there twice a week so we hang around for about an hour after the time it was supposed to come through. Apparently it is known to be late. We missed it by about two and a half hours. The weather was lovely in the day but very cold at night. We had to break the ice on Beemer’s water bucket in the morning so he could have a drink.

Mark and Beemer Bob the railway dog.

The motor bike museum

Jane and a train in the main street

The view from our van

Another sunset.

Sunset and the moon.

While in Peterborough Jane broke a tooth and had to find a dentist. The nearest one was at Port Augusta. We hadn’t planned to go there but off we went and had a couple of days there. It must have been the cold weather that broke the tooth because when we got to the dentist the man from the caravan next door in Peterborough was getting his broken tooth fixed too.

Sunset over the water at Port Augusta

The reflections were amazing

The goods trains with the flinders ranges in the background

While at Port Augusta we did a day drive to Quorn. the drive was lovely through the Flinders Ranges. Quorn is where the Pichy Richy steam train leaves from.

Beemer getting the wind in his face

One of the many pubs in Quorn

The Quorn Railway Station

The Community Hall

On we went to Arno Bay. What a great little place. It was so close to the water we could hear the waves on the beach at night. The local community had worked hard there and had made a walk around the mangroves over tidal flats and a mud flat where a special seaweed grew.
The park owner put on an Arno Bay Breakfast of as many pancakes you could eat on a Sunday morning and a steak, snapper, prawns and sausage night while we were there. We managed to be there for two breakfasts. What a great way to meet fellow travellers. 

Arno Bay mangrove walk

The creek from a veiwing platform
An Arno Bay breakfast

A storm at sea at sunset looking east

The same sunset looking west

Beemer asleep in the van

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  1. Hi Jan and Mark and not forgetting Beemer. Nice to see you are still on the road, this report is great. So many places to visit! We only have two more weeks of house/dog sitting to go at The Sunny Coast then back to our van. Love Judy and Noel