Monday, 22 August 2011

Port Broughton and Cowell

Port Broughton was our next port of call. I forgot to tighten a knob on the awning and the washer fell off on the road somewhere. We had to go to Port Pirie for the part and of course we found a couple of other things at the camping shop that we ‘had to have’. The camp kitchen was the place to meet. We had interesting nights sitting around ‘spinning yarns’ with Graham and Kerry from Unley in South Australia and Ray and Cherylle from Duncraig in Western Australia. We had to leave as the nights were getting later and later. Ray thought we may get told off for making too much noise after the curfew time. We hope to see them on the road sometime or knock on their door. Port Broughton has been put on our list to go back too. It was a great place to be even though the famous pier was closed for maintenance.

Sunset taken outside our caravan

Beemer being cute

Full moon

Having fun in the water

Low tide at Port Broughton

Beemer resting, Jane at work

Cowell is a slow little town this time of year. Our camp site was right on the end of the main street. The pub was on the corner. They had a pig on the spit cooking at the front of the Pub right on the footpath. We could smell it from a block away. The oysters were HUGE. I had trouble eating a dozen and they tasted great. The pier was quite long and Beemer had fun walking along and smelling all the new scents. Unfortunately all the fish were on holiday and even the professional fishermen were complaining.

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